V – Carbon Peeling

Treatment for:
• Oily and combination skin.
• Skin contaminated, devoid of luster.
• Enlarged pores.
• Acne skin.
• Very effective treatment for men’s complexion.

V-Carbon :
• Removes any impurities, toxins and keratinized skin from the skin without damaging the protective barrier.
• It regulates sebum production.
• Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Clarifies and soothes.

Extract of ginger.
• Anti-inflammatory.
• Anti-fungal
• Anti-bacterial.

Extract of licorice.
• It has strong water-binding properties.
• It aligns the color thanks to the content of glabridine, the b-ring cares for tyrosinase.
• Strong antioxidant.

Spray V-Carbon. Hexapeptides.
• Regeneration of the skin.
• Moisturizing.
• Regulation of sebum production.

Mask with hyaluronic acid – rejuvenating.
• Refreshes dehydrated skin.
• Increases clarity and skin firmness.
• Provides a radiant complexion.

Mask with aloe and green tea – soothing.
• It soothes skin irritation.
• Protect against the harmful effects of the environment.