Highly Moisturizing Treatment LARENS

● dry skin
● dehydrated skin
● skin with nutrient deficiencies
● tired skin
● skin exposed to excessive sunlight

● intensive moisturization of the skin
● supplementation of active substances
● stimulation of collagen production in the skin
● skin visibly refreshed and rejuvenated

● allergic to fish protein

● treatment for the face, neck and neckline
● regular treatment recommended every 4-6 weeks

● about 1 hour.

Revolution without a scalpel in cosmetics and dermocosmetics

1. Intensive and long lasting increase in the skin’s level of moisture and firmness.

2. Slow down the ageing process of the skin,smoothing wrinkles and preventing new ones from arising.

3. Regeneration of the epidermis and protection against harmful external factors.

4. Optimal visible improvement of the skin’s appearance and condition.

5. Improve regulation of the hydrolipid layer and protective functions of the skin.

6. Intensely nourishes skin.

7. Speeds up the skin’s repair processes.

8. Reduces the brightness of hair and nails.

9. Provides the necessary nutrients in the deep layers of the skin.

10. Visibly improves the shape of the face.

11. Soothing and calming actions.

12. Fast results in the fight against skin blemishes (acne,burning,irritation).

13. Visibly reduces swelling.

14. Provides the feeling of the skin lifting.

15. Accelerates the formation of the cells.

16. Strong regeneration of the epidermis.