Intelligent formulations of the specialist brand EstGen are based on an innovative recipe operating at the cellular level that combines the latest advances in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

EstGen preparations are used for the comprehensive reconstruction and regeneration of tissues by initiating communication routes between cells and modulation of inflammation of various skin structures. The action of estGen promotes the growth of cells and tissues by stimulating the formation of DNA and regulates immune responses.

EstGen preparations contain isolated proteins such as growth factors, immunomodulatory proteins, bacteriostatic substances as well as enzymes, polyamides, nucleic acids and amino acids derivatives and a unique set of vitamins and minerals.

The product is inserted deep into the skin using ultrasounds, needle-free mesotherapy and microneedle mesotherapy.

EstGen therapy consists in applying the preparation to previously damaged tissue or initiating this damage during a specialist treatment, thus initiating an intensive regeneration process.

Has a wide range of applications using profiled equipment and combined therapies.

Strong anti-aging treatment when is done together with microneedling.