Deep phyto peeling

Deep Phyto Peeling- SPA Abyss

Deep exfoliation with herbs and chemical acids.

The Palena Biocosmetics company is a producer of professional cosmetics, based on scientific and medical approach to cosmetology, with the maximum use of natural ingredients and advanced technologies. Raw materials used in production are natural, supplied by renowned European companies or obtained from unpolluted Cypriot Troodos mountains. The products do not contain raw materials of animal origin!

The production process is strictly controlled for compliance with European standards and ISO 9001, followed by a series of thorough laboratory tests and clinical tests. At the head of the dermatologist-cosmetics team is Dr. Charalambous, who since 1990, in cooperation with chemists, botanical biologists and other specialists and research centers in Cyprus and abroad, develops a program of treatment and correction of dermatological problems.
Particular attention is paid to the problem of acne and negative changes in the skin after the remission process.

In this way, the innovative DeepPhytoPeeling treatment was created, addressing many problems not yet solved by cosmetics and coils available on the modern market.

About the procedure

It owes its effectiveness to the unique combination of herbal peeling with a mixture of glycolic and salicylic acids.

In the initial phase of the procedure, the skin proteins interact with the molecules of the so-called acid called frost effect causing better results.

Creamy products contain keratolytic ingredients that support a quick and deep effect on the skin of the main ingredient – Spongilla (freshwater sponge), which in turn dissolves in the skin transmits its rare naturally occurring minerals. This allowed to completely eliminate the mechanical friction process and its negative consequences.

Despite intensive work, the whole procedure is without complications and strong redness, because the products have a creamy consistency and do not contain hydrogen peroxide. In addition, the treatment works great in people with acne with purulent lesions.

The treatment can be used as an intensive treatment (a series of 3-5 treatments every 24 hours!) Or a one-time care and cleansing treatment.

In addition, it perfectly smoothes skin imperfections and brightens the complexion. It eliminates acne scars and wrinkles.


– acne and acne scars

– pigmentation problems

– skin rough, gray and tired

– mature skin with signs of aging

– skin damaged by excessive exposure to the sun or UV lamps

– strach marks

– connective tissue


– renewal of the creatine layer in the epidermis

– rebuilding and nourishing all physiological processes in the skin

– activation of collagen and elastin synthesis

– smoothing firming and rejuvenating the skin

– improvement and alignment of the skin tone

Key components:

Sponagilla Fluviatilis, Aquaftem, Bisabolol, extract from the rhizomes of Irises, D-panthenol (pantothenic acid, vitamin B5), green tea extract, camphor (camphor oil or alcohol), calendula, menthol, mint, daisy, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus.